How To Maintain a Healthier Eating Lifestyle

January 6, 2020

The holidays were fun and all, but let’s be honest; any good eating habits we had in 2019 were probably thrown out the window. 

Now that the new year is here (hello, 2020!) it’s the perfect time to get back on track!

Maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle is a great practice, and it’s best to get into the habit as early as possible. 

I am by no means an expert, and not even a huge health nut in general, but I have always been very conscious what foods I choose to put into my body.

Below is my guide to maintaining healthy eating habits:

Be Reasonable When Setting Goals

I strongly believe in the “everything in moderation” phrase when it comes to eating. I don’t believe in super strict dieting because it can be very frustrating, unattainable in the long run. It can also be hard on the body and mind. Setting specific goals, like incorporating more vegetables and removing excess starches are, in my opinion, the way to go. 

Clean Out Your Kitchen

It’s important to get rid of any foods or snacks in your fridge and cabinets that you want to avoid. Anything containing high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners need to go! Instead, fill your kitchen with sweet fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains and healthier snacks instead! 

Switch Your Starches

This is a simple one – make the switch from white to wheat! Replacing your white starches, like breads, pastas, rice, cereals, etc. with whole wheat or whole grain options is a great start to a healthy eating journey. It’s a small switch that goes a very long way. 

Find Your Favorite Healthy(ish) Treats

Kudos to those who can snack on a bowl of fruits or veggies and satisfy their cravings. I am definitely not one of these people; I need my crackers and sweets! However, I make sure to get healthier options when it comes to snacks so I can satisfy my munchies, while also taking care of my body. 

Fun fact: the more healthy foods you eat, the more you will actually start to crave them! 

My go-to treats here: Reduced Fat Wheat Thins, Organic Popcorn, Kind Bars, Organic Ice Cream Sandwiches

Treat Yourself

Ahh, the best tip of them all! I believe it’s important to treat yourself to a juicy burger or a decadent chocolate cake when the time calls for it. If you stress way too much about what you eat and don’t allow yourself any wiggle room when it comes to your diet, this can lead to some very unhealthy habits down the road that can really bring you down. Don’t forget to enjoy what you eat and to try new foods; it’s one of the best things in life!


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