This is How to Make Friends as an Adult

March 8, 2020

Ahh, adulting… it can be hard. Sometimes, it’s really hard. Once you part from your best school friends and go your separate ways, finding a new support group may seem nearly impossible. But, I guarantee you know at least one person who is feeling the exact same way, even though you may not know it. Even strangers around you in the coffee shop you’re in can surely relate. But trust me, you can do it! You just need a little courage.

Compliment a Stranger

This is my number one piece of advice! A compliment can go a very long way. This might push you out of your comfort zone a bit (or a lot), but it will be worth it and you’ll be sure to at least make someone’s day better. 

Exchange Notes with a Classmate

If you’re currently in college, ask someone in class to be your note buddy! I met so many great people at UCSB who were struggling with their classwork like I was, and we loved having each other to lean on. We exchanged notes over text, which turned into group study sessions, and then after our class was over, into fun weekend activities! 

Become Friends Outside of Work

Trust me when I say that work is way more fun when you’re working alongside actual friends! I worked at one restaurant all through my time at UCSB, and inviting my coworkers out to drinks after our shift or to the Sunday market helped me make some great friends that I still keep in contact with since I moved. It made both our work lives and personal lives more enjoyable!

Making friends as an adult can be overwhelming, but a little effort can go further than you might think. People meet in the most interesting ways – you never know!


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