Girl Talk: Episode #2

March 15, 2020

“I Want To Become More Self-Confident! Any Tips?”

I’m glad someone brought up this topic because self-confidence is something every single person struggles with in some way or another. 

In all honesty, this habit can be very hard to break, no matter how significant the struggle. But, I’m here to give you a nice boost! I’m excited to share a few day-to-day practices that have helped me a lot with this matter, and with a little effort, I guarantee you’ll see a positive change too!

Just Do It

Sometimes, you just need to step out of your comfort zone without overthinking it. You are your worst critic, and chances are that what you’re most self-conscious about, others probably don’t even give a second thought to. It’s important to realize this truth by experiencing it firsthand! 

Flip Your Mindset

You might be subtly putting yourself down without even knowing it, which is definitely a habit I’m trying to break as well! I urge you to take note of these moments and make a conscious effort to follow them with something positive about yourself, no matter how small the compliment may seem. This will get you into the habit of focusing on your positive traits, rather than only on the negative, and it really does more for your confidence than you might think. 

Surround Yourself With Good People

I’m comin’ at you with some tough love: if your friends make you feel self-conscious in any way or worse about yourself when you are with them, they are not your friends! True friends will have the exact opposite effect, which is absolutely vital for your wellbeing and journey with self-confidence.

It’s important to remember to be kind to yourself as you would be to your loved ones. Just remember to walk with your head high; act confident and no one will question you!


  1. Karen Marie Sullivan says:

    You are a wise woman with beautiful wings to fly through life

  2. Tehila says:

    I love this!! Amazing amazing amazing 😍😍 and the friendship statement at the end (; those are facts

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