Biggest Obsessions: Definitely flowers and sea otters - always have been, always will be! And of course, my sweet boyfriend, Daniel!

Favorite food: Sashimi... strange I know.

Go-to bar drink: Either a crisp white wine or a gin & tonic, depending on my mood!

Favorite dessert:
I'm always craving chocolate chip cookies and donuts...

Go-to pizza toppings: Mushrooms, bacon and pineapple are necessities for me, contrary to popular opinion...

Secret Talent: I'm weirdly good at quoting movies. But if you're my friend, it's definitely no secret!

Favorite shows to binge:
I will never get sick of Friends, Parks & Recreation and The Office.

Guilty pleasures: Singing Mamma Mia soundtracks and watching The Bachelor with my ladies!

Go-To Outfit: Blue jeans and a tucked in white tee, but dresses are my all time favorite!

Bucket list destinations: Australia, Greece, Indonesia and Thailand - in that order!